Janet T. Phan

founder. author. advocate.

Janet T. Phan

founder. author. advocate.
Janet Phan Thriving Elements

founder. author. advocate.

Janet T. Phan is the founder and executive director of Thriving Elements, a non-profit organization with a mission to create access and opportunities for underserved, underrepresented girls in STEM through mentoring.

She is the author of the newly released book, Boldly You: A story about discovering what you’re capable of when you show up for yourself

Janet is an advocate for mentorship, bridging the gender disparity in the STEM fields, funding for higher education, bridging the digital divide, and women in leadership. 

Janet T. Phan has delivered keynote speeches and presentations to audiences including …

Speaking topics

Main Topic: Importance of Mentoring

Why is mentoring imperative as a woman … a woman of color? A tried and proven method to help you to find a mentor that works for you, how to get started, and solidify the relationship that can change your life just like the mentors who changed Janet’s life.

Get unique and practical tips on finding and cultivating a meaningful, quality mentoring relationship to navigate your career in technology.

Other topics:

  • What it’s like to be a woman in technology – how to overcome the challenges
  • Women in leadership 
  • How to manage a career in technology while running a non-profit
    (and writing a book)

Boldly You Leadership Workshop

The Boldly You leadership workshop is based on 5 Thriving Elements that were critical learnings from Janet T. Phan’s journey in the book Boldly You.

During this deep thinking and interactive training, participants will learn how to show up for themselves, be open-minded, build their confidence, be situationally aware, and be biased for action.

Participants will walk away with the tools and mechanisms that can be incorporated in their daily thinking and operating rhythm to create the mental space, energy, and time to discover what they’re capable of achieving.

Structure and length of the workshop can be tailored to the following audiences:

  • Corporate/non-profit employees
  • High school/college students
  • College/university staff