Janet T. Phan

founder. author. advocate.

Janet T. Phan

founder. author. advocate.

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Boldly You

A story about discovering what you’re capable of when you show up for yourself. Get a close-up look at the hardships, life lessons, and stories of resilience. In this honest, insightful, heartfelt account of a young woman struggling to overcome the obstacles in her life, readers will find wisdom and advice to help them rise above their own circumstances, recognize their limitless potential, and achieve their goals.

A Book Inspiring Hope and Action for All Girls

This book is my story. A story about growing up with Vietnamese refugee parents in America and needing to figure out a path to a better life. Going from living out of my car while working at two KFCs and other side hustles to living in Switzerland while leading the launch of digital platforms across the globe. I wrote this book for girls with immigrant parents, low socio-economic status, or who are living in a difficult home situation. By sharing my story, I hope that girls and readers realize that they, too, can rise up out of their situation and thrive.

Praise for Boldly You.


“...interesting insight into the mind, thoughts, and experience of a young woman going through adolescence driven by her vision of success that differs from her immediate family. She finds her support system intertwined with school, other adolescent peers, and non-family interactions. Nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough. Inner-strength is key in self-evolving into the image you see for yourself. You have to set your mind and constantly remind yourself who you are and what you will evolve into.”

– Daryll Eaton Jr., Inspired me to share my story

“After reading the book I feel empowered to try each door and each opportunity and not be scared of rejection. Not many can say they applied to the same job 7 times and kept applying without losing hope. A quality all readers need instilled in their hearts to persevere. ”

– Tshepiso Mokgetse, Thriving Elements Africa Leader

“..transported me to a place where I experienced the emotions and insecurities of young Janet. The dialogue enhanced it more, as it was realistic to the time period where it was taking place, which made the people within the story feel like they were speaking to me. I felt like I was watching Janet grow up as I read through the narrative. "

– Vivian Luu, Thriving Elements Mentee

“...ability to communicate Janet's feelings to the reader in a way that makes the reader feel them as well. This makes all of Janet's frustrations, dilemmas, struggles, and successes that much more impactful and inspiring to me because I felt like I was experiencing all of it with her. The book reinforces key messages: control your own reactions to things and the importance of having someone or a community in your life who will help and encourage your growth.”

– Ana Rios, Thriving Elements Mentee

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Janet T. Phan delivers keynote speeches and presentations on the topics of:


      • Importance of Mentoring – Why is mentoring imperative as a woman … a woman of color?
      • What it’s like to be a woman in technology – how to overcome the challenges?
      • Women in leadership
      • How to manage a career in technology while running a non-profit (and writing a book)

The Boldly You leadership workshop is based on 5 Thriving Elements that were critical learnings from Janet T. Phan’s journey in the book Boldly You.

Learn how to:

        • Show up for yourself
        • Be open-minded
        • Build your confidence
        • Be situationally aware
        • Be biased for action

About the Author

Hi! My name is Janet. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Thriving Elements, a nonprofit dedicated to creating access and opportunities for underserved, underrepresented girls with long-term 1:1 mentorship in STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, & Engineering). I am also working to bridge the digital divide through my role as a Senior Technical Product Manager for Amazon’s Project Kuiper with a mission to launch a constellation low earth orbit satellites in order to get affordable and reliable broadband to unserved and underserved communities around the world.  Mentorship has played a big role in the success of my technology career, working in a field dominated by men.

My vision is to develop and empower young girls and women in STEM to make a sustainable impact and inspire the next generation of women leaders with the goal of bridging the gender disparity in these fields. 

Janet Phan